Saturday, 14 January 2017

Working with the Wheel (WWW) 1/14/2017

A Day of Temperance (Tarot card 14: shifting perspective to see the new)

Energy shift: Got modified yesterday by the 7Ds upgrading the cellular structure to be able to hold higher levels of energy, and I did the upgrading of my holographic energy body, using this help to put in the needed frequency code symbols, phasing in the energy to the holographic form, and from there I recreated the energy vortexes (10) needed to hold the symbols into which I could lock in energies and imprints from my dyad (heart entrance pull in), merging this into the upgraded cellular level. At the same time I have cleansed out the residual energies this lifting led to, on a bio-DNA level as well as on the holographic level. Let go of attachment preventing this on an in-program level as well as completing the work - following the full moon and the day 13 (death) - that was to be completed on that level in 3D (new website, finishing off two books etc so that I can begin the new today). Will continue to ground the energies into the 3D level by physical exercises (muscular straining exercises to complete the upgrading by altering the metabolism rate in using the cellular structures - also remembered that the 7D cleansed out effects of the chemtrails which affect the rate of metabolism and in this the level of energy, the cells can hold, preventing the organic 3D form from adjusting to the lifting that is taking place all over the world).

Effect: I have moved from lower levels of the program and into a higher positioned timeline, where I am now are able to work in a new way, remembering how to, from other similar timelines of this system. 

Note: A system does not have one reality. The perception of a reality changes with the energies used from a soul level. In this, when the soul changes energetic setting and changes the holographic features of the in-program vessel, new perspectives are possible to work with from the recording of the program. Only old belief systems and approaches prevent the holographic in-program vessel to change and alter the perception into new levels of the program, where new possible approaches and memories are available. 

Question to strategy with this perception: How do those of us who have chosen to integrate, and come in, to a system like this work with its races? 

Understanding: Choosing to go into old prison systems using programs to control and administer the holographic organic forms, and attempting to get them back on track is not an easy task, especially not when they have been suspended for eons into a historical setting that does not fit the surrounding reality.

Its like going back in history and there try to educate a primitive race about the higher realities.

Many have tried and I have followed the usual ideas of how to change the minds of the humanoid soul races; first with direct work with their in-program vessel, then trying to teach them and then trying to show them. All have more or less failed so far.

Realization: Naturally there is an incubation period between 3-5 months; the beginning following 1 and then the rotundum up to 5, where the choice to go with the shown is made or left behind and retracting to the fool (card 0) - all in good order with the program but most retract to point zero out of fear and never gets beyond card 6 (the Lovers) and then move into the path on card 7 (the Chariot). 

Blinded by the program, they fail to see the other paths of progression, shown in the cards (Tarot cards show the energetic path of the program).

Learning new ways are very difficult when the basis of the in-program mind is locked into fear and this race has so much fear; both the ones that are doing the work and the ones that are not. Pushing them back to the fool all the time. There is a reason why card 15 (the Devil) is the reversed image of the choice to be made in card 6 (the Lovers under the angel). Not choosing to follow the path leads to card 15 (1+5 = 6). Spinning the wheel over and over again until the choice can be made by having control of the ego.

Conclusion: I think the best approach to try out now is to be what they are to become and then let them come into this understanding themselves by observation. In observing the different ways of thinking, being and acting, they will adjust to it. As we did with the Neanderthals that observed us, the other races living among them, and in that they copied our ways, or tried to - building tools and so forth. I remember having them around and how they tried to be like us. And bonded with us.

Being what we are and not trying to down step is probably the best solution for now. 

So, play the program and show them how. 

They will come around.

Note to the reader: Read this book to understand