Saturday, 14 January 2017

WWW 1/15/2017

A day of the Devil (card 15: facing your fears that keep you locked in)

Can the soul (dyad) be afraid or hold fear?
No, it does not. The dyad is only recording consciousness imprints and the energies used in that experience or learning process. It is a neutral state of being, collecting, observing to begin with and then transforming and transmuting, using all systems, until it stands in its full potentials and are ready to continue to the next evolutionary cycle. 

Does the dyad has a sort of personality? 
It does, but not as we understand it because it holds not one self-identification point but as many self-identities as it has had in all of its manifestations taking on holographic energy systems and the organic forms that arise from this in the chosen schemes. Thus, the dyad is many and yet one in terms of a personality. However, it does have a leading principle, according to the rules of the system it has integrated itself into, and from that leading position and the rules of the system, the most compatible and usable self-identification points are integrated into the holographic energy system and the current organic form to enable the current manifestation to work in the best way. When one self-identification point is outlived, and completed in that system, the next will come in and the holographic energy system changes to be able to unfold the new self-identification point and the learning process that arises from that self-identification point and the work with energy and consciousness from that standpoint.  

Thus, an awakened in-program human is not ruled by the ego but the soul that merges the ego with the new self-identification points all the time to do the different types of work, in the chosen system, to learn to play and master the energetic rules and set up of that system. 

Adaptability and changeability is the priority of the soul infused ego. Not as a confused state of mind but as a knowledgeable, chosen change done when the time is right and the old has been dismantled. In this the ability to deconstruct and reconstruct a life, and the perception of a life, is a soul feature. Breaking the old down and then build it all up again with the new integrated soul potentials.

The incoming soul energies destroy all that the ego stands for and in this we understand that the soul does not come in to please or lift up, but to break down and tear apart all that is not usable for the learning process of the integrated soul energies and potentials (consciousness abilities to be unfolded in this system).

When the ego rules the current life, it is based upon fear and limitations. The card the Devil is the fear that keeps the ego in chains of certain forms of perception; chains of having to make money following the in-program control systems, chains of having to keep up a belief system, chains of having to secure certain emotional ideas of who and what we are, and what we need to live a good in-program life. That is the Devil or the Guardian of the Threshold, keeping the ego as the master of the in-program vessel and not the soul, i.e. seen as the angel in the Lovers, card 6.

When the ego bows down to the in-program masters, the controllers and their agendas, it is controlled by fear. When the ego plays nice to keep up peace, it is based upon fear. When the ego lives the love and light agenda, it is based upon fears. The collaborating ego is a warrior and an extension of the soul but when the ego fights, riots and generate upheavals to gain freedom from the controllers and their masters, it is equally based upon fear.

Facing your fears is an exercise in making the ego permeable and the proper tool for the soul inside the base program. It is a helper and not the master. The ego has to be adaptable to changes and master these with solid and usable in-program solutions, it has to be able to work quickly and change things over night, making new solutions to continue the work (using the incoming breaking down energies to build up new currents), brave to meet the imprints of the soul energies and strong to handle the transformation of these. Choosing a system like this is the best place to transform old infected levels of our dyadic structure. To upgrade it and undo many of the other schools we attended in ancient times; times of warring, pain, loss and strife. 

We have to meet all of these old imprints, which is one of the features of the restoration program to do so in a secured environment where the energies would not manifest into the reality but were secluded into the program. 

Integrating soul potentials is always fearful and painful. It is only done by the strong egos that can change and grow with the changes. That are ready to loose all, and have lost all. Who are ready to let go of all in-program human beliefs and needs, and have already done so. A soul infused ego can live like a king, earn plenty of money, but can also live on a stone if needed. It does not matter because a soul infused human knows that money is energy and an effect of the ability to master energy. It is all a matter of perception of what is necessary to do the work anyways. You can be rich or poor - it does not matter. You choose this yourself. You can be happy or depressed, intelligent or stupid. It does not matter; all of these are perception of what is needed from an ego point of view. The soul infused human is a fool and a queen, a master and a student. A magician and a scientist. Happy, sad, it does not matter because the work goes on. 

Many say that they are ready, but when it comes to it, and the real work appears, forcing the ego to truly believe the inner realities are not just something that is read about or looked into in some fancy blog, the ego responds with fear and rejection, or rational explanations of why this or that is more important right now. And the window closes until the next cycle appears with the same set up. 

When the soul comes in - all known is broken down and only then is the real awakening possible. It cannot be done smoothly, if the ego has too strong a position. Then it will and has to be the Tower that comes into play, breaking down all rigid structures. The ego has to be broken down.

When the rebuilding of the correct holographic energy system begins, to enable the dyadic forces to come in, it is not pleasant or nice. You do not strive to awaken to have a better life. You awaken to a battle and a restoring of old potentials of this scheme that went wrong. You do not wake up to love and light, you wake up to lose what you hold dear and a complex inner reality of forces that is as screwed up as the outer reality because as above so below.

Remember the rules:

The Rules of the ISP
  1. You are to work with the soul capacity you have to be able to progress this into new levels.
In the reversed program this rule is changed into “You are tested on the soul capacity you have, whether you remember it or not.” This means that you literally have no idea of what is coming your way, when you begin to work with the ISP and its progression pyramid.

  1. You develop amongst souls with the same capacity and skills as you have, including other dimensional levels. 
  1. You will only face challenges that match your progression rate and possibilities.
  1. You will be met with challenges which will strengthen your weaknesses on the in-program human levels, stellar genetic levels and soul levels.
  1. You will participate in the overall purpose for this reality field and support the greater good until you are ready to break off and create your own reality. 
In the reversed base program, as long as you are stuck there as an ego, the greater good means to work under the Technocrats and their agenda.

Thus, every being, thing and energy in the reversed program will fight against you, or try to manipulate you,or take you over until you have completed the program, and reached the dimensions outside of it, where the soul can regain the ability to do its progression journey. However, since most of the OWO is gone, this should not be as difficult as before.

Until then, you are facing your own fears and strengths, entities and all of your created energies of previous incarnations inside the program as part of the ancient attempts to complete it as well as all of the other players, you played with or against back when you still tried to complete the program.

Whenever you failed one of the 5 rules, you were set into the area with others that failed the same rules, playing against each others until your soul potentials wore out, and eventually you got stuck inside the base program without any knowledge of the higher realities, which is your current form (for most of you).

So, in this work you are to amplify the energies of the rules by living by them and at the same time acknowledge their reversed form or polarity, to be able to complete the 5 rules on each of the 5 levels of the pyramid.

Again, the dismantling of the program will make this easier and thus you should begin this work while you can. When the program is gone in 5 years time, what you could have rebuild using the program, is not possible and you are left with the soul potentials of what you have got now.

Remember this system is able to generate soul potentials - this is why we placed the program here.

Do the rebuilding, and restoring, while you can, using the program and its flame codes as well as the LOES.

I have shown you how in the sequence of healing videos on my YouTube Channel and Vimeo, where I completed my version of the program: Ending the OWO