Tuesday, 17 January 2017

WWW 1/17/2017

Day of the Star (Tarot card 17: a day with introspection and contemplation)

The waters that are decanted into the lake and on the ground under the 8 pointed golden star, surrounded by 7 white stars.

After the great demolishing work on the 16th, we are ready for a quiet day with introspection and contemplation on what was learned, and understood the day before.

The Star also has to be seen as the higher octave of the card 8, where the heart (soul knowledge aka intuition) rules the beast aka the lower ego-triangle (three lower chakras).

Water can symbolize both the subconscious, the astral plane (emotions) as well as intuition, all depending on the context. Water that is poured under the Stars is intuition (brings awareness) whereas water that is poured under the Moon is the subconscious (the hidden depths).

Today we learn from within what needs to be revealed from a higher perspective, looking to the dismantled ground of what was brought to the surface yesterday. We look in the rubble of the Tower (ego conceptions and belief systems that got torn apart by the forces of the Tower and brought about by the Devil) and see what can be used and what have to be cleansed out. 

We clear the ground of the old notions and ideas, the rubble, and meditate upon the new ground that is revealed to us.

Who and what are we without the ego-notions and self-identification within the program?
Who and what are we without the identification points with the in-program human belief systems?
Who and what are we, in our raw form, without any self-identification points and ego belief systems?
What are we as pure energy? How do we look? Are we in control of these energies?

These meditations will bring the deeper hidden issues to the surface, which is the prelude for card 18: The Moon completing the introspection after the tearing down of the ego structure, old belief systems and in-program self-perception ideas of what is important and not (the Tower and the Devil).

I have said that January is a 1 month, if we look at the Julian Calendar. But if we go to the old Roman calendar, where the first month is March, then January is the 11th month and thus the month under the influence of card 11 (Justice).

Justice sums up the rotundum of the year from March to December, the original astrological cycle from card 1 (the Magician) to card 10 (the Wheel). 

So, from this viewpoint all that has happened in January is the effects, the balancing out by the rules of the program, of the things we have done in the first 10 months of creation, using the program. 

This is also something we can ponder about today:
What has played out in this month? What have we felt, seen and understood under the light of the Star? And what do we need to do better understanding the decanted water into the lake and the ground, where the Star itself denotes the mental plane, the water into the lake the emotional and the water to the ground, the physical, when we remember the old esoteric understanding of creation of life (things grow from the ground when water is added, seen by the flowers around the poured out water on the card).

All lower triangle ego creation begins with an idea (the Star) or a thought form. Then it is added with astral energy to bring it substance and the light that pushes it closer to the physical plane. From the filled out thought form, added with astral energy - making it magnetic to pull to it the needed forces that will manifest it - the in-program energies are attracted and the creation can begin to manifest.

Is what we have manifested to our liking, or is that to go with the rubble as well?