Sunday, 9 April 2017

Information Wars & Hidden Agendas

What is information?
We find information all around us. Information is packages of coded energy. Energy is what our reality is created of and the ones that know how to code either the waves or the packages of energy, are in control of our reality.

What is reality?
Reality is an expression of coded energy in patterns or code streams. Code streams are expressed as packages of light language and as waves of light language. From these code streams holographic features arises. Holographic features are patterns of coded energy holding the wholeness in the unit and thus each unit is part of the holographic pattern, it arises from. Each unit is holographic bound to the wholeness and feedback in loops to it. From these loops of holographic patterns, reality arises. Reality is thus based upon energetic waves, loops and holographic patterns expressed into atoms.

Why is that important?
When we begin the full understanding of who and what is controlling humanity and our reality, our awareness must rise to new concepts and understandings. We cannot get sloppy and accept the concepts that are being created for us. These concepts are structural patterns of thought or emotions. Both thoughts and emotions are patterns of energy. The thought energy, created as linear and mental information in the news, i.e. when you read or listen to something, including abstract visual patterns affect the frequency patterns in the brain, altering the neurons, the central nervous system, the electric currents and the energetic sequences related to the coding of the DNA. Emotional content, as in vibration in words, music, visual imaginary and colors, affect the heart field, the periphery nervous system, the glands and the electro-chemical energies of the body, i.e. the energetic environment in the body, upgrading or downgrading the organic energy level.

Thus, whenever you read something, see something, listen to something or in any means or ways are connected to information from the outside (TV, books, music, Internet, videos, etc), you are accepting and being influenced by the presented code streams behind all words, concepts, images etc. In other words; all information is coded energy created to target specific types of frequencies affecting the brain and glands in the body, with the purpose of altering the human mind, emotions and body into something that can be controlled in this or that direction.

News are Code Streaming 
Does false information exist? No. It´s that simple because what is the true information in a reality based upon holographic principles created energetically for a purpose? It´s not a matter of humanity being misled by false or fake information found in news, sciences, religion or personal information, but about what type of code streams that are being created with the type of information at hand and the question whether, you as a sovereign energetic being, want to participate in that form of energy.

What is the true information? 
We do not know. Humans today let their inner perception of reality be constructed by the information they participate in using the media, the internet and what other source of outer information stream they rely on. They define themselves by their information level and the concepts they find valid. Its not a matter of finding the true or correct information but learning to joggle with different forms of energy and from that discern whether or not you want your brain to be coded from that information and in that letting it affect and code your heart field, setting the electro-chemical milieu in the body as well as activating your DNA in a specific way. Its a matter of what energy you want to be and express in the world; i.e. what you want your fields to hold of energy patterns imprinted there by the things you have read, seen and integrated as true or false information trusting the source of it. Your fields adapt to these energies and from this, your entire being, on an organic to an energetic level correspond and express these coded patterns, becoming the beacon of energy for the agenda behind the information.

Therefore, you will, via the imprints from the information in your fields since they are units of a holographic pattern, participate in the the source that gave you this information. Via the holographic principles you will participate in the hidden agenda behind the video, the news, the movie etc, you have enjoyed as entertainment or important information, teaching you something. Or should I say, have been made to imprint you in a specific way, altering your true energetic sensing of reality which you could achieve if you regained your original perception field, seeing things as they truly are and not through the lenses of the created concepts, you are participating in, directing your energy to the sources that have created them. From the source you have entertained, they can via the holographic principles and the feedback loop mechanism, access your energy fields and from that both harvest, drain, alter and manipulate your awareness.

Inner Information is Code Streaming 
In this understanding we also have to question the agenda behind the inner information we receive from inner sources. The same rules apply here. As long as information is given from a differentiated source it will always be part some sort of agenda, and the question is if you want to participate in that.

Then, I cannot trust anything?
Its not a matter of trust. That is for the children. Trust is for the ones that have not taken on the responsibility of their own creation. As a higher awareness human, you joggle with energy, you participate in a strategic way, knowing that all information is coding and that all sorts of coding codes your DNA and body energetically. And thus it is not a question of trusting your source of information and energy but about if you can use it to develop your genetics and your consciousness capacity. If the code streams are high enough energetically to activate your genetics, hidden in your template or if it is based upon astral emotions and low leveled sciences and human belief systems, which in no case will activate your higher awareness potentials. 

Choose what energy you want to express and become part of, and if it develops your higher awareness or keeps you in the lower levels human base program. Choose who and what you want to become by the choices of the energies you participate in, expressing the holographic principles of our reality field. And even better; create your own patterns of energy to code yourself to unfold all of your potentials. For this you can use the code streams of others but be aware of "malware" and distortion codes which are also a huge part of the information on the internet. At least until your own consciousness genetics begin to unfold their integrated knowledge or your true knowledge base from all you have been before this current expression of yourself.