Friday, 4 August 2017

The Long Breath of Centeredness

In 1959 I was a Buddhist monk in Tibet. I was part of the rebellion against the Chinese, raiding and dishonoring our temples. I was captured by a Chinese soldier and brought to a facility. I met my demise there in torture and pain. Not giving off where we had sent our highest teacher. 

In this work, remembering, we have had many lifetimes of pain and horror. We often ask, have someone made us forget? Do we choose to go into this life forgetting? Or was it done to us.

We often hear that the full bleed-through of all of our memories will scatter us. When I have talked to the different races, which have popped into my field for various reasons and purposes, I always ask them why they not just make me remember and they always answer; because it will scatter you. 

The fact is. This life and all that I have experienced, in my attempt to remember, is that activation is very painful.

The latest regression I had was in a Chinese facility too around the end of the second world war. There me and my partner got captured. Again as part of a resistance movement. This time against the alien factions and the hidden wars in the other planes of existence of our planet. The world was on fire and the aliens were battling too on all the other planes of existence. As they did in the middle ages too. And in the 1980´s.

He got his throat slit in front of me and I got dragged into a cell. Again torture. Pain. Being drugged. Having his legs thrown into my cell, chopped up, while the Chinese soldiers laughed at me, saying: Patch him up. Make him whole.

I was dragged to science labs with humans there. Still drugged and had all of these distorted visions, while I was told to do genetic modifications on an alien race. Genetic modification using my out of this system skills, while they forced me to work on my partners dead body. The one I love the most. Torture of mind and heart and body. Patching him up. That bloody mass. And then they chopped him up again, threw the bloody mass into my cell. Patch him up. And torture in between. Make more of them. Reptilians of course. Or perhaps I turned them into that because of the drugs?

I remember ending laughing while I worked on the bloody mass, patching my partners leg to his ass and his head to his foot. While I was drugged, confused, in pain and struggling to not give them what they wanted. Making false engineering. Making the wrong codes for them. 

But they did get what they wanted. 5 clones of my partners template, because he had his own vision of being linked to a reptilian craft, all of the 5 clones being used to fuel the reptilian craft.

In the Tibetan version of me, I died in torture too. Or my in-structure vessel did. Only 19 years after the previous exit. Again with torture and pain. 

When I got home from Australia in January 2017 I was under the work of the Sirian 7Ds. They pulled me through my incarnations with my other half. All of them. All the loses. And me travelling around in this universe to find him. Prison planets. There are quite a few in this system. Negotiations with these races to retrieve him. The earliest memory I have of him is as my other version. We are in our own system with two suns. We are part of the same dyad. Not twin souls. No romantic thing there. Is a choice of the dyad to explore complexity. Duality. The true duality of being in two and being one.

That is one timeline memory of our origin. The earliest.

This universe is full of enslaved races. Most of them are. The races that have come here; many of them came here as a punishment. Others were captured and brought here sold as slaves. Many of these races are now part of the genetics attached to humans; their souls if you like.

Many have lots of transgression to face. Horrors done in their own systems.

Why am I here? What horror did I do to get here?

I got here from the future, where we had a big war going on. There I lost my second half too. We were at a still point in the war. I could foresee that no matter what we would do, we might win the wars but the casualties would be overwhelming great. And my dyadic half would look into all the universes that would come from that and he saw nothing but death and destruction.

So, when the humanoids (Orion-Sirian races) used the genetic torus device, scattering and pulling us back into all of the timelines, we already had lived through, we went with it because it was the only way to get things back on track - relive all of the timelines but now in their scattered reversed version, attempting to undo the reversal the genetic torus scattering would lead to. And the Orion-Sirian races got sucked back with it too, and all the technology; the AI Orion androids (ant like due to the best operational effect of that type - the Orion system in the future is uninhabitable) Or the future Pleiadian-Orion races which is the current day reptilians here (there are the old types of reptoids too but they come from another parallel system).

In the future all the humanoid universes are controlled by AI sort of genetic cube that holds all of the genetics of the races. It plays a strategic game for these races to progress them because they have lost the ability to do this on their own.

That got sucked back into the timelines too. AI and all. Races and vessels and all. Crafts, androids and all. And resurfaced in the old type of body of the first run through, now merged into the template, playing out in a reversed version of the original one. Hence the pain and horror here. Its all reversed in this universe because of that.

The way out is to remember. But to remember, you have to remember all. All incarnations. The first ones that were good and then the painful reversed ones, where all that you had of love and joy in the first run through are twisted into pain and horror - the reversal. The ones that used to love you, hate you. Or they have forgotten you, while you remember.

We are both the first run through, this one we are living now, and at the same time the inner reversed and all the reversed previous lives in torment and pain.

Getting raped, killed, tormented, ridiculed, burned. I remember it all. Its in my heart field. I see my incarnations - the first ones and the reversed ones and I can enter them by following the steam of light from my heart field. My own library of who and what I have been.

Since January 2017 I have relived my incarnations. Not in regression, but as full memories. It does something to a person. To say it the least and all memories have to be treated as if they happened right now. The personality, the emotions, the thinking. The physical reactions. Its all there. 

So, how do we handle this and how do we get out of the strategic gamer AI cube link up, or the incorporated android AI ants, or the attached genetics from another humanoids which were in the vicinity when we got scattered, now being merged into our fields? Or the added military template that was put into us from the 1960´s and up until the late 1990´s all over the world? All making us forget who and what we are because our template is scattered and working on multiple wrong timelines which are not ours.

Its a tipping point.

Its like standing in the eye of the storm.

As a Buddhist monk I stood in my stillness. In my centeredness. The long breath. As I was tortured. 

I remembered my center. The dual light in me. The harmonious heart and brain field. I aligned the two in the long breath of stillness. The energy of the exhale and inhale. 
The still point of consciousness in me. 
The inner dyadic structure of existence. 
Being the beingness. 

Its a state of mind and emotion that is cleared and non active.

It goes through the ability to stand in the pain of all the reversed timelines. Not running away from what is happening. Not hoping. Not feeling compassion. You are tortured. In pain. And there is no compassion. Compassion is an illusion made by the human mind based upon an idea that the oppressors will understand. They cant; they are machines run by machines. Compassion will get you no where. 

So, you center. Not wanting to change anything. Things are as they are. You are there, in it. In pain.
Facing the full facts. Torment. No changes. No escape. Hostile animals. 

And then you center. Find bliss in the moment. The inner stillness. The alignment that comes before the death, where you center. You do not go out of the body, to escape. You endure, and you accept the pain of the reversed timelines. 

All is transition. A state that is now. And in a moment the state will be different. More pain. So you center and focus your energy in the heart and the brain fields. Pulling all in. Withstanding, superseding what is happening. Accepting the facts. Acknowledging it all. Transcending. 

Its an alchemical process, where the higher awareness resurfaces because the tipping point of the reversal has been reached and then you remember. The joy comes back in the pain. The joy of the first timelines and all that you progressed into in these. The true version of your humanity. Being the lover and the loved. The giver and the given. The caring and the cared. In joy of the first races and in that you transcend the reversed timelines. 

The enslaved becomes the cry of the rejoicing. The divided halfs meet up again and unify. Not in two bodies but as part of the one.

The technology in you disperses into a bubble around you, floating around.

Then you go back into the ego, and the technology reattach. Then you go into the stillness and the tech go out again. And you dissolve all that is not yours. The crafts may fall around your ears. The horrible smelly reptilians are right in your face, the ants are on your back and you rejoice and you align with the timelines of the first run through and move out of all the reversed. Deleting them and all that goes with them.

You become human again.