Body Shaping - How?

Now, this is probably going to be the most interesting experiment of all.

How can I shape my body using the energetic approach to my training. 

First and most important; this is not yoga. I do not do yoga. I do not participate in the old teachings systems of the races that came before our current humanity, and in my humble opinion its time for humanity to experiment and develop some new ways of working with their physicality. 

I do not advocate for the hard training either. I am not opting to become a body builder.

For me, training is about getting my body to work in the most optimal way so that I do not get sore, fatigued, feel week or am unable to take 1000 steps in 31 degrees Celsius if that is needed. I want to be able to control my body in all ways, and push it hard if needed without it complaining and giving the idea that it cannot do it. 

If I have to sit for 10 hours straight on my chair to write, then my body has to be able to do that without pains, and if I have to paint my apartment in two days, or move furniture, my body will do that willingly and happily too because it has the core strength and basic understanding that it can adapt, change and be pushed without any limitations.

In this, I have a deep trust relationship with my body. I nurture my body, and I take great care of it, listening to its complaints and what it needs of rest and caring. I listen to my cells and to my heart, and I listen to my muscles. I talk to my body, caress it, if it is hurt and I treat it with great respect. I do daily energy work on my energy system (the holographic higher template system) as well as cleansing my organs, cells and brain. I work on developing the heart and brain fields. 

And at the same time I am in control of it. I master it. Its my expression of my consciousness and a proof of my energetic level and capacity. 

I collaborate with my body. I listen to what it likes, and change food sources when it needs more purity. I do not force things upon it. I am a full blown vegan/frutarian btw. (Posts on how to handle our food will follow later on).

To get started with my running practice again, I have begun power walking, and I will do steps and power walking (taking the path from Coogee to Clovelly and back for now as well as do steep hill and step walking) every day changing between the walks to give different forms of exercise, and I will continue to do these walks until my body demands to run instead. I have run before, so it likes the running but due to the extreme energy work I have been performing the last year, clearing out the programs, my cells have been drained to the brink of fatigue and I need to restore before I push it to run again. But I am getting the pull from my body, the eagerness again, feeling the impatience of not running in my heart field. 

The running is a good idea to make the energies of the body build up. It expands the heart field too, if used in the running (I will return to this when I run again).

Aside from the power walking, I do exercises and this is where the body shaping comes in.

How do I get the body shape I want without extreme amounts of training?

The reason why I work with that idea, is that I have observed that hard training has the tendency to crystallize the muscle structure and over time, make them too hard. I do not favor that.

My idea is to use energy work in my training practice. I will use creative awareness, which is to go into a high energy state and then visualize how I want my body to look from the training.

In the creative awareness state I begin with simple focused standing still exercises where all I do is pulling up my muscles in the areas I want to rebuild and get a new shape. I tighten the muscle group in question, visualize the form this exercise is supposed to lead to and then I add energy to the muscles from my mind and heart field, rebuilding the cells from their core to get this look. I also add energy with my hands, shaping my body into the form I want, as if it was made of clay. In this my body understands what I want it to turn into, sensing the shape and energies of my creative awareness.

Then I do 10 min of core strength exercises and while I do these, I repeat what I have visualized in the standing still exercises. 

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