On the Issue of Health and Healing

When I begin this article, I will touch a pending issue we need to address, as we move further into the future of humanity and where we want to go with the use of energy and consciousness. 

Energy in this context means the higher order type of energies into which consciousness units can develop, and progress the template. 

For the new readers, having found this article, a background understanding can be found in the articles on my website. Please read these for a fuller understanding, as well as watch my YouTube videos

Now, we can begin. 

Words are very important and the use of words sets the intention, the energy and the result of what we want to achieve in this reality, i.e. what we want to manifest. Words are the expression of our perception field, aka the brain field where all creations begin as an idea, formulated into words. The energy to carry them out, comes from the correct use of the heart field, calculating the consequences of our creations and intentions, following the highest principles of our reality.

So, in understanding this we will look at the two words in the headline:

Health originates from old English and is related to wholeness. Thus, being unhealthy means to have diverted from wholeness. These are not new ideas; I think what I say here was very hype in the 1970´s or so. But for the sake of clarity, I will bring it here because it sets a statement of how we perceive our condition, as well as the condition of others. It is the natural state for the human body and energy system to function as a whole, and in that administer its energies in a way that brings wholeness.

Healing means to become sound or healthy again. Again, an old English word. 

Thus, to take the short cut, the goal of all HAL activated humans is to learn to administer their body, energy and template of energy & consciousness in a way to secure and obtain the wholeness state. When this is happening, there will be no unhealthy state. 

Administering the body means to give it the correct sustenance (plant-fruitarian), to administer the current human collective program in a productive way, using the heart and brain fields in their correct capacity to create and participate in life, as well as doing the morning and evening cleansing, and clearing of the body fields, organs, brain and heart.

That is what we can do, on our own. And when we do that, we do not need a healer to fix us. But we can go to a HAL energy practitioner with the goal to assist and amplify our already existing energy work, we do on a daily basis. And the HAL energy practitioner, we choose to assist us, has to be at the same activated level as us, or preferably on a higher activated state to truly be able to assist us getting further in our progression work. 

Thus, for the HAL activated humans
1) Going to see a HAL energy practitioner is not about health - because we administer that on our own - but to amplify and further our progression as well as getting rid of "things" in our template and fields we yet have no knowledge of or access to, to further the merging of our template into the body, and in that activate further.

2) We participate actively in the HAL energy session, to assist and amplify the HAL energy practitioner in a joint effort to clear out what is in the field, but also to feed back to the HAL energy practitioner with the cleared energies and new awareness, assisting the practitioner in his or her learning process. 

3) The HAL energy session is just as much a teaching session for the client and the HAL energy practitioner, as it is a session administering, altering and changing energies in the fields.

4) The progression work in the HAL energy session is for both; the one that wants to activate further and the HAL energy practitioner, having chosen this as the preferred reality work and in that upgrade to new levels of energy understanding for each client.

In other humans
As it is observed the natural state of health is not prominent in all humans, and many healers and holistic workers have taken on to themselves to provide with methods that can assist and help the ones in need of a better health. 

The HAL energy practitioner
But instead of focusing on what others do, I will work with the angle of the HAL energy practitioner, seeding in some new concepts to be developed further:

The first thing the HAL energy practitioner should be aware of, to give the correct treatment, is to consider the consciousness state of the client. That will determine the use of method and the results that can be achieved. The less activated (higher awareness state) the human is, the more grounded or physical the treatment has to be. 

1) The non-activated human: The HAL energy session will have little to none lasting effects in a non-activated human. The energies administered will be reset within 2-3 weeks because there is no understanding in the client to utilize and build onto these energies added by the HAL energy practitioner. The energies, given from the HAL energy practitioner, are wasted into a consuming vessel being deprived of the natural energies it should be existing of. The HAL energy practitioner will only, in such cases, drain herself or himself for naught. Tough, but true. Besides, as the non-activated human leaves the session, he or she will revert back to their old thought and emotional patterns, rebuilding what was removed. 

Thus, for the non-activated human the solution is to focus on the physical health (the end result of the mental and emotional fields) using standard herbs, acupuncture, physical treatments, such as reflexology etc, and remedies. The physical treatments will keep the health issue dormant at best but the cause will not have been removed. The physical treatment only focuses on the effects of what is dysfunctional in the energy system of the client. It does not remove the energetic cause. 

2) The more activated the human is, the less need there is for the physical treatments to assist the natural processes of health in the body. Eventually, as the template and the body merges back to their natural joint state, the consciousness units in the template will determine the correct energy work. 

Now, what does the work of a HAL energy practitioner include
A HAL energy session could include, to name a few: 
- Cellular healing, with targeted energies for specific levels of the cells (new definitions of cells are in the making - taking the cells out of their electromagnetic context and back into their code sequences as part of the template code sheets and consciousness units).
- Amplification of herbs and remedies by strengthening their energetic state to become more efficient and targeted for the clients physiology. 
- Amplification of acupuncture needles using energy to add to the depth of the activation of the meridians. This is done by energizing the hands inserting the needles, adding energy to the treatment.
- Direct hands on energy work to strengthen the natural processes in the organs, cells and other targeted areas where weaknesses are detected by removing emotional and mental energies from the distorted use of the fields, affecting the body in a downsizing way.
- Field cleansing to clear out the fields around the body of energy patterns, stemming from repeated negative thought and emotional patterns, entities, attachments, etc.

Now, regarding the use of machines
It is not my place to say yes or no to the use of it. You are to decide. When that disclaimer is said, I will express my opinion on it. 

In the work with humans, and the solutions for prime treatments is where the machines, growing on the health market come in, and I do not advocate for these machines due to their intention and background sciences of the human composed of electromagnetic energy, which can be treated by machines as if it was a machine. Watch my video on this. If we use or participate in administering these machines, used on others, we accept and give consent to the idea of being made of EMF. In that, we take away our ability to work with the correct principles, energies and consciousness of our reality. What you think you are, you become.

But I do know, from a friend of mine who has developed her own electromagnetic equipment to take away pain, that it does work, i.e. using EM machines to treat the human body. However, my goal is not to add to the scientific agenda with the concept of a human being built of EMF but to take the human back to its natural state as a consciousness being administering its own energy system, and from that define the energetic state of the body.

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