A New Way of Living Your Life

From where I am standing humanity has now entered a totally new cycle of evolution. 

And no, its not new earth or ascension earth. I do not work with these concepts since both aim at taking away the focus of this life. Our life as planetary humans.

The stellar activation cycle is over, attempting to convince us that we were stellar humans. The stellar genetics are not working, which should be pretty clear to all that just remember a bit about what was promised from the 2000 and onward with the whole activation process, reaching the star families and getting it all going from there. 

I do not see much progress in the world from that, but of course I might move in the wrong circles for that one. Speaking about circles; there has been a lot of them in the spiritual worlds and people have lived their entire lives within their ashram and their circle of trust in what their teachers taught them. 

Most of the old teaching systems have a inbuilt fall-safe mechanism; they state that spiritual awakening takes lifetimes. Very smart. Then no one can expect results in this life and when incarnating we cant remember what we achieved in the last one, so no one really gets anywhere; right?

Of course we can progress in each of the lives we have, and of course we are to remember what we did the last time around, so we can make it better this time. Everything else would be ridicules. I have always known this. And I have worked my entire life to rediscover the original way of progressing in this reality. 

The old cycles of the old human races are over. The old cycles of the systemic (stellar systems) humans and their projects here are over. Humanity has now got their system back.

Its time to rejoyce. Truly. We have worked a long time for this, for the return of our reality to the rightful owners; us. 

Yeah, I know there are remnants of some of the old human races still here, and yeah a bit of stellar infused humans too. And of course the humans that look human, but in fact are systemic humans aka a human with a fully integrated stellar personality, having chosen to work here and assist in the rebuilding of our reality into the true human world it is supposed to be. And yes, there are future humans here too, also having chosen to stay here and do the work with humanity. 

So, all in all good prospects for a reasonable future, if only humans themselves could figure out how to play nice. That is the challenge now. 

Planetary humans are to learn to become progressive again. Reach their OWN true potentials and not the one they got infused with from the stellar genetics, which in most cases were not the original ones but ones inserted so that some stellar race outside of our system could link in, get access to our world and exploit it. Yes, quite a lot of that has been going on in the so-called stellar activation cycle but since they are mostly gone now, bye-gone be bye-gone.

There is still a lot of work ahead of us. The humans that got these inserted stellar genetics activated have to learn to administer them as planetary humans, and the rest of humanity is to learn to become a different type of human, getting prepared for a greater world part of a universal community.

But first we have to learn to progress again, as I have stated further up. And we are many working for that and in different ways. But I have made my system to do the planetary-stellar-future human progression we are in for, and the questions is which train you choose to take as we rumble into 2018. The fast train or the old train?

As one of my students, E.M from USA, wrote in the evaluation of the 2017 class:

How was the overall experience of the progression work in the class?
When I began the class, I was experiencing harvesting and interference which within a month I could recognize and feel what was happening within my system...  so...I began progressing using the energy exercises, clearing parasites, blocks and implants. The overall experience was steady progression.

How would you describe the personal gain you got from the class?
Once I was able to cleanse my energy system. It began to talk to me. I have progressed to be efficient and quite fearless in my daily routine of cleansing and clearing using the given tools and the experience and knowledge of Randi. In class we would each take turns to discuss what was happening with our progression and she would point us in the direction of how to work through it and progress. We were amplified through each class. I gained the awakening of how to work with my energy system and progressed using my conscience. I can now produce and expand energy by feeling the energy force without the use of color, shapes or chakras.... and this lead to experimentation with my holographic form...making my own exercises which work well with my own energy system.

Any recommendations for future students?
This class will open up a new view of everything and everyone. You will grow and progress. Your conscience will lead you to new levels of progression.  If you take the class - never stop the work. If you skip your cleansing or fall off the diet ..just go back and analyze why and work through it.  This is a journey...Don't let others stop or interfere with your work. Discussing the work with others outside the class will decrease your energy and will pull you down. When you learn to practice your energy work around others this will help with the expansion of your conscience. If you are considering taking the class, be diligent and apply the knowledge you are given, cleanse and repeat the exercises. Be patient and you will feel the lift as the classes progress. Experiment and share with the class. Record the classes and be very honest with yourself and the others in your class. Now I am journeying on to a new class with Randi. There is so much to learn and I am evolving and progressing my energy system.

And another evaluation from another student, A.S from Germany, also doing the 2017 class (I had three classes in 2017):

How was the overall experience of the progression work in the class?
The overall experience has been I would say “life changing”. Until the moment I discovered Randi’s work on YouTube and in her books, I hadn’t found any one “system” that was convincing and so like many others had been trying many things and doing some intuitively but never committed to anything. The minute I heard Randi’s voice and her message (and because of some synchronicities) I knew that I wanted to know more and was willing to go for it full on. The class provides a frame work to do the “work” in and gives a great chance for exchange of one’s own progress as well as hearing how others are doing which is very supportive as the class seems to have many different aspects of the same thing so that one can get a better understanding of one’s own issues that come up as the work progresses.

How would you describe the personal gain you got from the class?
Personally, the fact that one has a weekly class is a great motivation and provides a lot of focus which can be very difficult on your own. Also, the energy of the classes lifted everyone always and so you as a participant one can feel the difference in this energy and in this way each time a class takes place it gets easier to get a more expanded awareness and sense of oneself. Randi is an amazing “teacher” in that she can adjust the information to each person according to where they are in their development which is very gratifying and gives a sense of ease so that one isn’t overwhelmed. Personally, I gained a lot of confidence in myself and my emerging abilities.

Any recommendations for future students?
I would say I wish everyone would join these classes that has the desire to grow in consciousness and progress. It’s a definite game changer. I would without hesitation recommend this to everyone that has this inclination to go forward. Randi has a comprehensive body of work, several books and much more and is clearly qualified beyond a doubt to be giving this information. I am very grateful to have taken the step to be here where I am NOW and will continue to do this work it has become an integral part of my life and is always growing and expanding through the fields of possibilities!

↜       ↜
I have added more to my system in the form of the HAL Class Basics, which is both unfolded as a group or on an individual basis.

Then the next logical step is the HAL Advanced classes, where I teach over videos with text material mainly focused on self-study but also with two sessions with me so we can discuss what you have learned in your self-study.

View the HAL Classes here.

The HAL Club is a monthly supplement for all. You do not have to take the classes to enjoy and learn from the HAL Club. You can do the membership month by month to get a feel of what my work is about but also to get the progression idea and the feel for that. Month by month I work through the theme of the month that follows the progression cycle of the year. You will get an article, 1-2 videos and to complete the month; a webinar.

View the HAL Club here.

With this system, my books, my classes from a-z and then the monthly update system so that you continuing progression month for month.

And of course the template reading, where I look at your genetic composition. Here I find the viable levels and sometimes, all depending on what is there, the sad dysfunctional template. If you do the classes with me, and do the template reading after the HAL Advanced Class 4, you will get more out of the reading since you will actually know how to work with it.

View the Template Reading here.

Naturally I am working on classes on relationships and parenting, and a new form of business is on its way. Progression is a full life experience lived on this planet, in this life - full on and not in some afterlife on another planet in some vague distant dimension we barely know what is.

And do not worry; as we learn to progress again, we will re-enter into the 4th and 5th density as our planet rightfully is part of. Not as something else but as the ones we have developed ourselves into. Its not a gift given to us; we have to work to get there - the progression work.

If we want to live the higher life - then we have to work to get there.

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