How to Get the Higher Awareness

I have been talking about the clearing work of the distortion energy in the emotional field, calling these energy patterns to be resolved and dissolved, as well as working with the mental field, aka the mind-field, from a similar idea of both fields having energies built into them by our interaction with our reality as well as other humans. 

As I write in the free e-books on Relationships, and explain extensively in the Future Human Project Course 2:

On cognitive Schemata (aka thought forms or belief systems)....
A schema is a cognitive framework or concept that helps organize and interpret information. Schemata can be useful because they allow us to take shortcuts in interpreting the vast amount of information that is available in our environment. However, these mental frame works also cause us to exclude pertinent information to instead focus only on things that confirm our pre-existing beliefs and ideas. Schemata can contribute to stereotypes and make it difficult to retain new information that does not conform to our established ideas about the world.” The above quote is from this page.

Added into my working concepts....
"Emotions and cognitive schemata are interlinked because what we believe to be the truth about reality controls our emotions. When we think in a certain way, our emotions respond to these thoughts, as in the firing of the neurons in the brain sends out the signals to the neurotransmitters, and from there into the periphery nervous system (the PNS), the cells, the glands and so forth, generating what we perceive as an emotional reaction. The chemical response for sure affects our physiology.

If we change the perception of reality, the emotional reactions change too and as we clear out the clogging emotional content, aka the energy patterns in our emotional field, the more in the now we become and from there, we become better at performing the attentive observant communication, where the heart field is playing along, setting the receptive, exchange-energy of sincere interest in what the other person is saying or want to convey.

Hence it is important to see through the subtle programming of the energy patterns in our subconscious depths of our emotional field, whenever we react emotionally to outer and inner input of which some are sensed by the PNS as energy, whereas others are presented to us as information or interaction with other humans and their belief systems.

On the Mind-Field....
The mind-field is composed of energy patterns from thoughts and ideas implemented as truths in the mind-field (emission field of the bioelectric frequencies processed by the brain), and they hold the brain in their grip.

The cognitive schemata (thoughts of reality and self-perception) control the functions of the brain, such as the reaction mechanisms in the transmitters, and what type of bioelectric frequencies it is able to process and work with; i.e. what type of energy that runs in the synapses, making the brain work with lower or higher levels of emotional energies from the limbic system or, if really primitive, from the reptile brain.

The cognitive schemata also control the processes behind all electrochemical energies and their inflow into the glands and cells; hence cognitive schemata control the range of emotions utilized by the ego.

The lower levels of mental energies are processed by humans into every day “rational mind”. The higher levels link up to ideas of reality, of which only few are utilized. The middle levels to the higher levels, where the brain goes from frequency setting into density realities enabling the brain to process all from higher scientific to stellar information.

“No man is an island” is truer than we prefer to think about. We are, as humans, interacting energetically with humans every day of our life in forms of subtle input whenever we meet another person. In that meeting our energy fields merge for a short period of time, leaving emotional and mental imprints behind in both of us and affecting the already present energy patterns there.

We are also affected by movies, books, and information from the Internet making the brain vibrate in a certain ratio of specific types of frequencies adapting our brainwaves to unfold specific neurosynaptic energies, which are housed in the mind-field as energy patterns.[1]

We are being programmed all of the time by everyday life events and experiences, from what other people tell us; all generating new energy patterns in the energy network of the brain, extended into the mind-field and in the emotional field as energy patterns. Or the integrated information will strengthen the existing patterns on both levels.

The higher awareness in the brain stem from the energies of the heart field, and thus the importance of clearing out the energy patterns in the emotional and mental fields to allow for the higher forms of energy to activate in our brain and hearts. And in that, let go of all old perceptions of what a human is, and should do. (End quote Randi Green).

Learn about the emotions (of course old material but it still holds levels of information we can use) from these videos on Vimeo.

On top of this, as we work deeper into our emotional and mind-field, we discover our past lives, the other systems in our Universe we have been part of and prior to that. Its like going deeper and deeper into our energy system composed of the body, the emotional and mind-field, the template and then into the dyadic structure, constituting the full human. 

And in that work, leading to your release from all of this into the new settings, where you decide what and who you want to progress into, in this physical, emotional and mental version of a human, we currently have become part of. And, of course, regaining your ability to change that form, and its existence in this reality into a life, you want and what you want to express, explore and develop here.

[1] The energy patterns resemble fractals in structure, going from simple formation to extremely complex patterns all depending on how much the specific type of energy is being utilized.