The 12 Rules of Engagement

I explain these in depth in the HAL Classes and the Future Human Project Courses. 

When we begin to work with energy, new rules about how we behave and act come in play. Quite a lot of our normal human habits turn out to be counterproductive to our attempt to build up our energy system, and they can be, to some degree, directly harmful.

Therefore, the first step is to learn new ways of being around other people. It all goes with the recreation of the lower personality structure. That is part of the progression work, because as you develop and grow in awareness, a lot of your old ways will vanish due to the higher order understanding of yourself, reality and others you develop using the Principles, the Laws and the Rules of Engagement.

Below are the 12 Rules of Engagement to develop a new ego structure and new ways to observe yourself among others to become harmless.

The Individual level
1. Correct self-mastery
We acknowledge that all is energy. We are an energetic being. We generate energy by utilizing our thoughts, emotions and body. We affect others by our energies and what we hold in our template as well as in the mind-field, emotional field and body field.

2. Correct self-responsibility
Once we have acknowledged that we affect other people, animals, plants and the world, we live in, we take responsibility for our energetic state. We accept the challenge of becoming harmless, which means to be non-influential in a way that harm, disrupt, disconnect or digress whatever we interfere with. In this, we also understand the full scope of the disruptive belief systems and emotional patterns we hold, from this and previous lifetimes to be cleared, administered and managed in the correct way as well as the polluted cellular construction, we call our body.

3. Correct self-expression
Following the self-responsibility and the consequences our choices, ways and behavior affect other people, we learn to express our personality, our energy fields and our energetic emissions in a way that is conductive, productive and amplificative in a beneficial way for all implicated. Beneficial means to see, value and understand whatever is in front of us, and act accordingly in a way that will lead to the highest progression rate and standards for all implicated, i.e. in ways that will benefit the good of the many and set an example as the first of many. If you do it, others can too.

4. Correct self-containment
What we do not want to infect and affect others with, we contain until we have cleared it.

This leads to the correct team settings
5. Correct team awareness
After having learned to administer our energies one on one, we learn to administer our energies in a team setting. The group energy synthesizes what all the individuals hold into a higher – or lower – team energy where all the energy fields of the team members are joint into a section of the time matrix, generating a local collective. The implications of this has to be understood in depth because teams can have a grave and devastating effect on the collective energies. The way the natural laws of energy utilization respond to the emissions of any team is either to amplify or to regress the genetics in that collective (incl. races and people in a country; all jurisdictions are local collectives). If the energies are utilized in the wrong way, the grids shut down and exclude the utilizers from that grid, generating a lower leveled sub-reality (which is why we have ended were we are now).

6. Correct team responsibility
All members of the team are to weight the action potential put into the team by words, thoughts, emotions and expressions. What is the effect on the team energy, and in that the effect that will arise from the natural laws of energy utilization on the local collective.

7. Correct team work in projects
All members of the team will work within joint projects – if chosen so - where all that are proposed, generated and created will follow the natural laws of energy utilization and the ROE on all levels.

8. Correct goals of progression following the first 9 principles in the teams and team interactions.

The first 8 Rules are the steps towards a correct economy – globally and locally, followed by the last 4:

9. Correct inner administration of inner energy and resources
10. Correct management of outer energy and resources
11. Correct deployment in activity
12. Correct assumption and intention of outcome