The First 9 Principles of the True Human Evolution

The highest 3 Principles are individually part of the dyad, and therefore cannot be defined on a general level. I explain these and the first 9 Principles in the HAL Classes and the Future Human Project Courses.

1. Do onto others, what you want them to do onto you
This saying leads to a higher self-responsibility energetically, mentally, emotionally as well as a higher observance in speech, behavior and emotional response to all that is “put in front of you.”

2. Do onto others, what they have done onto you
This saying is naturally highly questionable but it allows for energetic actions that sometimes are needed in the work with the pentagram and three world races, following their laws of reality. Again, this is for the highly advanced humans knowing how to work with the reversed energies in productive ways, where the end-result is progression.

3. What you focus on, you give energy
This saying is also called the Law of Participation. What you focus on, as in looking at or perceiving, entertaining or joining in by doing, reading, watching etc., using your five senses as well as your three fields, you will connect to energetically and from that participate in that relative reality. That will change your energy settings, your code layers and as well as the progression timelines or the opposite, you participate in by the things you find intriguing, or invest in by using your thoughts, emotions, leading to actions and interests. All that lead to a use of your energies to amplify these realities and their thought forms in this world.

4. What you send out, will be reflected back to you
This principle is the first inbuilt teaching principle, where you learn the effects of the energies you hold, as in what you think, feel and do. Not just in this life but in all of your lives, altering the timelines where you have otherworldly vessels, clones or genetics. The effects of what you do are energetic, otherworldly, higher or lower dimensional, and can cross into timelines where you perceive the past, present and futures of what you are in the now aka the chiasm.

5. Inner knowledge is the true teacher
This saying begins the pulling in of the information hidden in the code layers, the energetic layers from all of your previous lifeforms as well as begins the bridging to your dyad. Again, all depending on what dyadic structure you have, and what developmental programs you have been part of. That will energetically color your inner knowledge and thus, all that you get from within have to be investigated, questioned and looked upon from the perspective of the best human version you can be. Not all you get is for the higher good of the many.

6. Correct Partnerships
When you have mastered the energies of the five previous principles, the laws of progression will attract the correct partnerships to you. Partnerships are all living lifeforms doing the progression work, or the opposite all depending on the way you have used the first three principles. The correct partnership is the original community set up, where our relative reality kicks in, pulling us into a world setting where all we see is progression work, or the opposite, and all what we meet will be according to the setting of our energy system.

7. The correct commitment
This principle unfolds the use of the former 6 principles into what we commit to in life, energetically and physically. All we have learned from the previous 6 principles are now a natural part of our heart field and of the influential sphere the heart field produces energetically, and the correct information from that will unfold into our brain field, where the decision is made on what to do, where to go, and what to commit to, using the former 6 laws, to continue our progression for the highest possibility rate.

8. The correct expression of energy
When the 7 principles are an integrated part of our lives, and we live by them in thought, emotion and action, our physical world begin to change. The relative reality becomes part of our lives, showing its mirror effect in all that we experience and from that, including our daily energy work and self-observance. And the original holographic teaching system (the HTS)[1] begins to work again, as well as the old beneficial technologies to sustain and uphold our organic vessels.

9. The correct expression of power
There is not much to say to this one, other than the heart field and brain fields will – on this level using the other 8 principles – unfold energies, which are combined with the dyadic consciousness, and from that generate the higher awareness and the combined brain-heart influential sphere from which this double consciousness and energy structure can influence the densities and dimensions.

[1] I talk about the HTS in the Souls of Humanity and Modern History.