A New Human Species?

Conscious evolution and a higher awareness lifestyle is about taking responsibility for our own growth to create a new human species. It is about understanding that we can make ourselves grow by using the correct energetic, practical and conscious tools to do so. And in that there are thoughts connected to the process. To name a few:

What are we? Those of us that have grown out of the future human timelines, coming back to right wrongs or undo the past events that have led to unfortunate futures, often taking out entire human populations on other human-like reality fields, dating back to this era, or developed using the engineered and inserted enhanced humanoid-human templates (now getting cleared because they are of no use), working with our energy systems, our subconscious, our human nature and our conditioning to become more. To become aware and in control of ourselves, on all levels. 

What are we? Those of us striving to become more. Having learned to work with energy, see glimpses of the other worlds and the true build up of our world. Not just reading about it, but actually seeing it, experiencing it. All that is hidden for most, and remains so because nobody wants humanity - as a whole - to fully wake up, and we understand that. That the so-called activation and awakenings out there are for a purpose, which is not for the highest good of the many, but for a selected few that are going to move into the futures under the control system of the different remaining races of the old projects; now having organized themselves in ways that are keeping things in an artificial balance - avoiding the deep fall for the chosen ones, but segregates the majority of what we understand to be the human race into a lower state so that the ones that need to sustain themselves can continue to do so.

What are we? Those of us that understands that reality is not what we have been taught it was. That our conditioning was put there to keep us contained, controlled and downsized as production units. We are working with that every day, striving to free ourselves from the many timelines, we are linked up to, to fuel these, the master cubes running the top of our reality, the technologies used to keep this world running and all that is linked up to it. Fighting to be allowed to do the true progression work, getting rid of the Grey maintainer programs and all of the things that are out there to divert us, derail us with base program stuff, and slow our progression down, while the Remainers get most of what we create.

We are a new species. It is that simple. We defy the normal set up. We will beat the technologies eventually. We defy everything in this world and we have always done that. And we are destined to take out all that is running this reality. But not without a fight. And we are working with it now because we KNOW that NOW is the time to free ourselves before its too late. We are the forefront of change. And when the hammer hits, we will be equipped to deal with it.

In the future, when the majority will get it, it will be due to outer circumstances that will force most of humanity to mature and take responsibility beyond what people think they are capable of. When things are in their face and there is no way out.

Then, most will all remember that they had been warned about the global changes, that it could have been avoided, if only the majority had taken the higher road a long time ago but instead most halted. I know it is due to fears; and that most are not brave enough to do the real changes because that would mean becoming different - not fitting in, or it is too difficult to let go of the human needs, fears and ideas thinking that it is possible to get both the old and the new. But these humans are repeating the mistakes of the past - that led to the downfall of our solar system. Repeating it over and over again. 

And where are people to begin? I know, it is easier throwing around links to videos and blog posts thinking sharing information is part of the journey instead of going inside and find the answers there - the sciences of true progression work; facing all that a human is and can become. And in the sharing, most are nothing but promoters spreading (dis)information. Does that information truly generate changes? The ones that do the work find the information they need on their own. They know where to look and what to look for - not because someone posted it. I know, it is easier just staying in the chosen tribe, doing the Facebook groups, looking at the promoted content, the expos, the meet-up on festivals and listening to drums, dancing while doing the vegan thing, doing shamanic journeys and taking mushrooms. Soo much easier than facing the real progression work. In that, most still fit in.

Then, as things fall apart around these tribes, the clever ones will realize that they have been used. That they were not so special or activated as they thought they were. That they were lab rats, and that their pride of being oh so activated and doing all the right things because they for sure have a good heart, turns out to be part of another utilization of the human vessel. Accepting their failure is the first step. And then they will begin the true activation. Fighting to be a progressive human. Fighting for their freedom, for their rights to control their own energy system, their template and their true soul journey. Remembering where their slipped and got lost. Where they lost themselves in self-deception, or the need to hold on to their belief systems of what they have become in this life - instead of facing all that they have chopped off to avoid dealing with the past timelines of mistakes and pain. Making them a half soul only doing the "positive side of things" as if the letting go of all of their shadow existences go away on their own.

And then, those of us that took the hard road to activate on our own, against all odds in hardship and pain, having molded ourselves in the fire of counterforces - coming from the future to change things before it is too late, we will finally get to do what we came here to do because your deception will no longer stand in the way in the collective consciousnesses field, preventing us all from moving forward. Then we will be allowed to make the changes. To get this solar system and its true human races back on track. Out of the rubble of the global climate changes, the drought, the heat, the pollution, the death of most lifeforms and all that those of us from the future have already experienced. There our sciences will come in play. The technologies to rebuild this world. We will do that - not the Governments, not the Military, not the Private Contractors, but us - having made our own businesses to support this work. We only live to get the changes going. From the moment we wake up in the morning.....

And with that, those of us from the eras before the worlds we are part of, will join in with the energy of the true progression work, talking to the many about the Principles of Life, the Rules of Engagement and the Natural Laws of Energy Utilization. And hand in hand with the future "salvation technologies" and the correct ways of being a soul infused human, we will rebuild this solar system.

So, all "future human" colleges, get your mission statements activated. Do not follow the programs out there, find your inner coded program you put into your template, when you engineered it to be able to do what you came here to do. You are not here to fit in but to go against this world because it leads to the downfall of many future timelines. Find the ones, you had to bargain with to get in there and dissolve these contracts, free yourself of all bonds and begin the educations, the inner work and the energy work needed for you to become what you truly are - a future human from beyond the timeline event. Having come back to make the future, we are set for now, not happening.

And, my fellow old travellers throughout many systems of change, face your fears, your losses, your pain and all that we have lost in this. If all of these losses are to make sense, we have to change this world - otherwise it will all just have been for naught. All the souls that got lost in the events that have led to where we are now. Face up to what you are. Accept that you are not human and never were. You are encapsulated in a vessel that is not yours - take control of it. Become what you are of that highly aware consciousness of change, transmutation and the ability to contain, express and develop higher levels of consciousness.

It is time to rise up and become what you truly are.........and to be PROUD of it.