Photosynthesis, Plant based Food and Ray Absorption

Disclaimer..... This article, although referring to scientific knowledge etc, is from an energetic viewpoint and part of the new way the human organism is going to absorb energy to perform the energy production of the body. It is for the ones, such as myself, that have changed their cellular state over many years of clearing and energy work. 

Over the past three years of intensive energy work - and clearing of all of my fields - I have changed the way my body absorbs energy. 

Why eat a plant based Diet? Watch the Playlist.

Now, we all know that the cells run on ATP. The cells need protein (plant based), glucose and lipids (also plant based) to work correctly, and all of that is derived from the food we eat. 

Okay. With that in place, we also understands that we need vitamins and minerals of a high quality because they make the cells work correctly, the neuropeptides communicate as they are supposed to and all of the other processes, our body performs, depend on the correct balance of vitamins and minerals. Thus, correct food and energy absorption are two fundamental understandings we must have, when we talk health and higher standards of well-being. It is therefore logical to do the plant-based diet. There we get all of that directly.

The energetic clearing work, I have developed and perform, is based upon the understanding that the body is composed of three fields (many have talked about this - the way to work with these differs) and the removal of the inserted alien genetics, which have been part of our DNA for a very long time. This adding to our DNA is not in this dimension, but attached in the 4th to 5th dimensions, allowing for two other fields to be attached to our body, i.e. the energy system and the template. If a 6th dimension is developed, then also the code layer which all can be worked with to develop a higher performing human with a higher awareness of all there is. 

From these hidden worlds of otherworldly realities, our reality is determined. What do I mean by that? This world, you and I are part of, is the manifestation plane of all of the other dimensions. It is the anker reality, the place where all organic organisms have to be positioned - in some form or another such as bugs, spiders, birds etc - for the other energetic-holographic realities. These realities houses humanoids in all shapes and forms, as well as the "other-humans" which we will get to know much more of, as humans in this world get their inner sight, also called the double awareness, back. 

I think, we have all been aware of the lack of weather modification lately, and the normal sky, the sun and the warmth of the sun. Its our 4th dimensional sun that is back and in its original version. We are there now, i.e. where the changes are rippling in all around us. And the sun is the first thing that changed since it is connected to the large grids of the original solar system. As the foundation of our universe slowly but surely is being altered from the quantum levels - being the bridge to the other dimensions - and the otherworldly grids begin their amplifying of our world, and in that opens up to the other worlds energetically - from within and out - our known concepts of time, matter and energy will change. And the organic form will begin its inner transition too, from the molecular level and out.

I have been preparing for this. The many trips to Australia, with my long walks (the areas I have lived in all had many steep hills and steps for me to step-walk on), while I was gridding, have changed my ability to absorb light in a different way. I now crave the sun, and preferably when it is at its highest. The highest UV please, is what I need. I noticed the difference when I was out exercising the last time I was in Australia. Even if it was extremely hot, I did not feel it. It felt like a normal temperature. My body cooled down on its own, as it absorbed the heat and transformed it to energy. Naturally, I was working in the other dimensions while walking, clearing these dimensions from their distortions, technologies etc, so the warmth and heat were assisting me in this. 

Now, being back in Denmark - the long term work for a sunny weather - has finally kicked in. And the warmth will be higher here, no matter what they say out there - then in my relative reality, the sun is shinning every day and the temperature will go up. 

To be able to absorb the sun of the western hemisphere - because the sun is different in the southern hemisphere since the sun is relative to the energies of the jurisdiction it shines in - I need to prep my cells to absorb more light since the UV is lower up here. 

To be able to do that, i.e. alter my cells, aside from the correct energy work (which I will not reveal here), I need to add carrots and more green leaves to my morning frutie. My frutie consists of fruit, green leaves, nuts and water. 

The carrot because of its beta-carotene. The beta-carotene opens up the receptors in my skin cells - it works like that in my body; I cant say how it works in yours - so that I can absorb more energy from the sun, and thereby produce more vitamin D to amplify my metabolism and calcium production - the latter needed in bone and muscle build up and relaxation. A higher metabolism generates a higher energy production, along with lots of water, and that is needed in the energy work, I perform in the other realities. As I get this in order, the correct energy circulation, this will lead to less sleep, more efficient use of the energy in my body to perform better in my brain, and allow me for more physical activity up here, where the UV is lower. Although, it might be a feature of my body, it is still worth mentioning. As I always say; I share my experiences. Not claiming deductive reasoning and that my rules apply to all.

Besides, the higher levels of green leaves adds in processed light. This light - in the leaves - stem from the photosynthesis of the plants. Now, the energy process plants do, implies quantum mechanics in their energy absorption - I have found a random article on the Internet; you find more. That property can be transferred energetically to our energy system by us eating more green leaves, as well as us amplifying the holographic grid structure - hands on - in all of the fruits and plants before we eat them.

You become what you eat. That is an old saying, and the cells adjust to what they absorb, i.e. the way the intestines break down the molecules of what is eaten. There is an alignment or reciprocity, you can also call it a feedback mechanism, between what we eat and how the body processes it.

The ability to adjust to energy transfer grows with the purity level of the body. That, of course, has other side effects that we will have to adjust to. However, this higher level of sensitivity to energy, to surroundings and to what we touch, take in and are part of, will eventualitet lead to a purer world.

What you also are to derive from this article is: 
  • Correct energy and clearing work allow for more effective energy absorption in the cells from the plants and fruits, we eat, and thus we need less to eat. 
  • Correct energy and clearing work allow for a higher ability to absorb the rays of the sun, via our skin.
  • Higher energy absorption from food and increased energy integration from the sun, will be one of the ways humans - the ones that will do the transition into the future - are to downsize their food intake, and thus the food production. And in that, allow for a more sustainable management of the natural resources, as we face the climate changes. 
  • Doing the higher awareness lifestyle, with the understanding of how to do conscious evolution for a better world, a healthier way of living in harmony with our planet and the correct use of its resources, is one of the ways we, as humans, can develop ourselves into a more sustainable way of living. 

And it all begins with what we eat and the way we handle our body.

Pollution is not just "out there". The way you conduct your body determines how much you pollute energetically. The purer your cells are, energetically, the less entropy is generated in our world, i.e. the less distortion you generate, the less turbulent our world will be. 

Ponder upon this - as in how does the way you treat your body, its degradation level, and the processes it performs, affect the energetic environment around you, when you know that all is energy. That our world is composed of quantum fields and that we are all interconnected on an atomic level. Watch this video to understand the quantum fields.

Living in harmony with your reality, implies a full awareness of energy and the massive influence all humans have on their world...........