A New Day & a Disclaimer

Today is a new day with a new beginning for me. 

I have decided to shift to a new line of work and focus on the rebuilding process of the human health, psychology and lifestyle. Not the common way, of course; I am me and I do have a totally different angle on reality and how humans and our world are constructed but in a way where I share what I experience having worked energetically with my body, mind and life for over 25 years.

I have been working with this idea for some time now, but first I had to clear out all of the distortion layers of my information to be able to pinpoint what I found to be the most important angle to the work, we are to do to change our world, ourselves and our lives.

So, in all due order, I will for a while - until these topics are fulfilled and completed in their new structure - focus on health, psychology and lifestyle. 

Today I began a new approach to my training, and I have begun a new approach to my food sources too, catching up where I took the short cut a while back when I turned vegan. Now, I will go full in and experiment with the best food sources and how my body reacts to it. 

I will look at human psychology and how to do the energetic approach to personal development. 

In all ways, I will for a while go retro and catch up on all the basics with a higher awareness and from there share my experiences and how I do these things. 

I do not in any ways claim to be an expert on health, training and psychology (I do have a degree as a psychotherapist) but I can share what I understand, and then its up to you to take what you can use, apply this to your own research and discard the rest.

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