First Run

Today I did my first run and first real training. My body is ready to grow again.

I am resetting my entire life in this process as well. After having done the activation process for over 10 years now, I have begun to delete my entire holographic template - all levels. Reshaping it.

After having removed the Venusian flame code level (HAL Class videos) I removed the rainbow level (the frequency template level) and from that I have begun to reshape my body and my genetics in my own image and likeness.

Why have I begun to delete what all are striving for? The higher genetics and the technologies, abilities and powers these genetics lead to? Because there is nowhere in this reality where they fit in. Nothing here can manifest these abilities and technologies, as things are now. There is no point, other than misuse for personal gain. And even though I now am in the process of mastering the older version of the technologies and in that potentially would be able to connect to the original construction of the ancient people, I feel the potential dangers in that.

Last year, when I did the run through in the dark timeline, I saw all of the remaining 5 timelines and their play outs. I have now completed, and cleared these, including the war pillar where I have faced the AI cubes (older models) of the Zeta programs (battling black ants for a month), having faced the Zetas controlling me, the diverse types of interference, and direct manipulation of my template, my body, my emotions and my mind. And to be frank, I prefer my freedom over all abilities and powers. 

In deleting my template, from a-z - all 12 cycles of the first run through (letting it all turn into dust - all the holograms), the first 5 cycles of the reversed program; leading to a horrible AI future, as well as deleting the memories of this life, I am choosing my own path. My own way of living.

Many of you are still trying to get to the top and to the abilities the restored genetics lead to.

I have deleted my restoration participation, deleted my participation in all programs and timelines, and reset.

I go human again. This is who I am now. What I used to be, or am in other potential versions of me; all of this is not here. This is my world. I am here.

Today I found joy in the ocean and the beginning spring in Australia. Observing the birds. Listening to music, getting energized without getting buzzed, or attacked. I ran even though my heart was bursting due to the damaged cells in my heart from the severe heart breaks over the last year (having experienced my incarnations in the reversed timeline and all the hurting, and the painful work I have gone through, is heart breaking to the point of total break down), and I am finding joy again. Being myself, in my own body. Healing my heart. I have changed. I am not me anymore. I need to redefine myself, begin anew, with what I have become from these horrors. 

I have claimed my heart back. My brain. My organs. This body is mine. Unfortunately you can only truly do this when you have control over the technology and the programs that run this planet. I am still being linked up to technologies and weird stuff from the program itself that comes my way to be deleted. But, when you know what you are up against, the automatization and the devices that automatically are drawn to you, as you activate your template layers, then you can transverse and denounce your participation in the construction. 

I don´t mind being a wiped and blank slated human in terms of "higher genetics". I used to mind and I used to strive for more. Now I strive for less. And in less is more joy.

Many years ago I began this work with the idea of reviving the old restoration program. Today I have deleted my part of it. I don´t believe in it any more, having experienced the break down of the program and the issues the construction has.

I agitate for human progression with consciousness alone. Not enhanced by genetic hybrid experiments, technologies or enhanced genetics. All of this lead to big issues in the programs, creating weird holographic creatures that grow out of the hybrid genetics. Our construction is a total genetic mess.

We have to do this as humans. Relearning our humanness again, and what that means. Creating a new civilization, as advanced humans. So, I go basic and begin all over again. I go into my body and begin there, relearning all over again by sensing the energy of all that is around me. Without belief systems - being like an exploring child again. Finding joy in it.

I used to sit under the purple flower trees as a child, enjoying the butterflies, the rays of the sun and the blue sky. My heart calms down in this. I sense myself again, my heart and my body but this time with the mind of a grown up, without the pain of my childhood and the lack of understanding.

Today I know. And today I see, watch and sense.

And I will learn to run until I can fly again. And I will sense until I fully grasp our reality - as it is, mastering its energies. The ocean, the wind, the sun and the ground. Not in mastering the elements or discovering the distorted perception of devas and fairies, but as energy. What is this place? And how can I work with it from a state of awareness and in my still-point of consciousness, my centeredness.

How can I experience this world from my heart field, and a perception devoid of programs, control and technology? By being in it. Not being, as in the state of beingness, not observing from the mind and the minds eye (inner perception) but energetic sensing, touching in awe, learning with an open mind of a purified child - now feeling at peace in this world. 

Nothing more to understand - only sensing, learning and unfolding a new level of energetic perception. No spiritual overlay belief systems - just sensing and learning new concepts of reality. Letting this reality teach me what it is. Letting my food tell me what it is, and how it is composed. Letting my body tell me what it is, without the control and technology directing its energies to various clones and projects.

Enjoy a simple piece of music of a skilled artist.

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