The Choices of Our Life

I was thinking today about the choices of our life and how often we actually deliberately choose something, or someone. I mean, from observation of other people, it appears to me that most people are more prone to "glide into something by accident or fate" than by deliberate choice. 

How many of your friends have you deliberately chosen? As in thinking after a while "I want this person to be in my life" because he or she gives you a higher life quality, when around and then spending the time to nurture the friendship in the right way, and not just let it happen, unfold on its own without any conscious direction? How many of you are in that friendship to make the life quality better for both of you, as in assisting in growing ones own business by giving energy to the ideas of your friend, or help out in personal matters to make the other person grow and mature into a more creative life, through shared pain and hardship in personal issues, where the ego is confronted or challenged on belief systems and personal ideas of what is right and wrong for us. Or working both of you to make the friendship stronger by working with the things that are in the way of personal growth and deeper connection and caring? Or working through hurting because of lack of understanding, and unwillingness to give more than what feels safe. True growth comes from being challenged and then meet up on a new level of caring and understanding, having evolved into a new level of awareness from the hurting and the repair.

Now, repairing from hurting does not mean that one has to give in, or give over to the other person to solve the hurting, but to work as a joint effort to solve the issues at hand by working with them energetically to release them from the emotional field as well as dissolving the original issues in the holographic template. It takes more than just the usual "talk to make friends again and say I am sorry". It takes a clear out healing process of the hurting in the heart and the imprints of energy this has given in the emotional field.

Just being the go-to person for ventilation or sharing a good dinner can be good too, but the basic energy of the relation should be to improve the life quality of both of you, in caring and acceptance, amplifying of energy and focus on what will improve our ability to live a creative life and in that, enhance the progression rate.

I am not saying I am the best to do so, I am still learning, hence the processing of these thoughts but for me, over the last 15 years, my life has been much more about choosing life circumstances than "just follow the flow" so to speak. I do have some very close friends where the goal is not just being friends but is all about sharing our life story together. Two of my best girl friends and I know that we will grow old together because we have chosen each other. We have become family to each other.

When I asked my husband, back in 2000 when I was married, why he was with me, all that he could say was that "it made him feel safe". I could not accept that. I did not want to be married to a man because "it made him feel safe". It has to be more than that. It has to be a choice of companionship, of wanting to share our lives together as in creating a life story together that is meaningful for both of us. That opens up for personal growth and development into a more rich life. Not because it is comfortable or because that is what people do. 

In the matters of partnerships, whether it is friendship or as spouses, for me it has to be a choice, where the ones that are around me has chosen to be with me because it is important to them and to me. Deep friendships are a life journey, especially when we do the work. The people we gather around us have to be equals in terms of energy and consciousness. The higher up you go in your template structure, the more important that becomes. 

As your template activates and bridges into this organic form, the templates begin to go into sync with other people and if they are not aligned, or can be aligned, they will repel each other no matter how much you care for that person, since the energetic difference will be misaligned all the time. But if they are aligned the more difficult it will be to not be with that person. We are drawn together to do the progression work, and in that invent new ways of being friends. The old forms do not prove usable any longer.

So, how do we choose wisely in unknown matters of the holographic energy system, we carry around "behind our bodies" and the people we have around us? We let the events unfold on their own. 

Let me explain. The personality has a lot of belief systems about what is right for us. We have all the things from our childhood interfering with our ego structure, having created different images of what relations should be and how they play out. Children from dysfunctional families, no matter how much "love" there were, have created images of relations that are distorted. Children from families with so-called ordered circumstances also have the imprinted images set into their emotional field in the energy system, and from these images, we define subconsciously what type of relations, we find right for us. Either as a reaction to the chaos, choosing the safe partner, or having traces of the parent whose love we never got etc. However, the higher holographic energy system does not work from the images of the emotional body or the personal comfort zone of the known or preferred partners, or friends. It works in mysterious ways, and when we meet up, we have to work our way through all of the emotional images, safe zones, imprints and ideas of what is good for us, all amplified by the energy of the template genetics, pealing off our safety and comfort zones until we meet up in the pure progression work.

I am not talking about soul mates here, or twin souls. It is more a matter of genetic affinity that follows the highest principles of progression. In matters of the template progression rate, the people that are correct and right for our progression will be pulled to us and as we clear out the distortions of the emotional field, and get into the template structure, the genetics there will determine where we are pulled in terms of events and circumstances, what we will face in our friendship to be cleared out and we are to choose to participate or ignore the progression potentials.

Now, how do we know if the pull is a template pull or an ego pull towards a person, built on comfort zone and recognition of childhood patterns, we need to play out in an ego projection-counter projection game? The issues at hand. If the themes are all about the inner child alone, then its a projection-counter projection game of the emotional body. If there are clear program settings and activation of genetics involved, making the other person and you begin to do the play outs of the programs, then its a matter of template affinity. 

However, the template play outs can be very draining and hard on the two that plays together, since the genetics will unfold their content, the imprinted false holographic content in a twisted energetic field of both false and real memories, as well as the joint work of clearing out the reversed genetics in our templates, at times clogging our perception to the brink of insanity. And we will be challenged by interfering energies from the reverted program itself, or in program holographic entities craving energy, and that can set off a whole range of hurting and issues since these will play on the childhood themes and unresolved subconscious energy imprints from this and previous lives. If the template affinity is very strong, the templates will join and the strongest template, or most activated template, will absorb the lesser activated template, transferring the issues to be worked with into the more developed template, suddenly giving the strongest template two templates to work with and clear out.

And only if we understand, and acknowledge this, can a true joint template progression take place, where what is being shown becomes a joint effort and not a matter of mine, or your issues. At some point the templates will separate again, and then a whole new range of progression is possible for both. It is a journey of meetings and separations, and then a new meeting.

If the other person in the relation is barely in the know of the template mechanics this can be very hard on that person. And in that the ones that is in the know has to explain more, without becoming the teacher or the ones that holds all the answers and the one that is not in the know, is to accept that this is a whole new arena of human relations and fight to learn how to play with energy and develop from it. It will take time to develop and overcome the bumpy roads together.

And this is why, when we do the work, our friendships and circumstances of life has to be a made choice, because just going with the flow in a life story based upon template work, will never last. We choose to do the journey together, come what may, and we work as a team in doing so.

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