What can we become?

Can we push our awareness and perception of reality? 
The human mind does not use consciousness as in the higher equivalent to real perception. It uses induced, taught, adapted and integrated information based upon frequency waves and only if we get our brains and nervous systems, cells and the entire human body to work with the correct type of energy, as in the holographic organic energies of the real worlds, can we achieve consciousness and unfold our true potentials as humans.

Then what is consciousness? 
Consciousness is the use of our higher awareness, hidden in the holographic-organic template behind our physical body. 

The accessibility to higher awareness goes through the mastery of correct energy and consciousness, where the body, emotions and mind transform into a unit, into which the template can bridge and unfold its holographic-organic consciousness units. 

In this, the human transform into a new type of being, unfolding features of advanced perception, expansion of the understanding of hidden and veiled realities as well as the capacity to transform energy and consciousness on all levels of our reality; inner and outer.

Higher Awareness Lifestyle Psychology with Energy Perception & Energy Work

As humans stepping into a future of higher awareness, our self-perception and our mastery of life are bound to change. 

The Higher Awareness Lifestyle progression work bridges into such a future, exploring the new features of what a human can develop using energy & consciousness to evolve the  human abilities and capacities.