A Little Say on 2018

As I wrote to a dear friend today, and I think we can all use this as a guideline for the work we are to do in 2018:

A good idea is to rebuild the energy system slowly every day beginning with the heart energy and the cellular energy, healing and mending ourselves from the things that we have been through these last years.

In 2018 we bunker down, rebuild our energies and get our personal lives, health, etc in order and focus on our progression work, so we are ready for the shift in 2019. That is the plan and a good one.

Energy work now, if I may recommend and to repeat what you already know but good to be reminded of, is the cleansing of your emotional patterns, and their web and parasites again leading to more energy and a better health. Becoming the new improved version of you in 2018.

Observance of thinking processes and how they set the tone of your emotions and energy. Learn to delete unproductive thoughts and allow for higher energy from your highest level of your template to come in. Re-watch my videos and reread material to get what you did not have time for before.

Rebuild your mental energies with this to allow for a calmer brain function. Focus on getting the tech out and rebuild the cellular structure of the brain.

The goal is to get us to where we can focus on the advanced human energy system (the higher order version of your template that is still there in the potential state) and the energies in your body have to be built from scratch to be able to connect to this template level, beginning with having the human life, human emotions and human ways of thinking in order. The higher template level cannot connect as long as you use human energies in your fields.

Peace and calm. Slow days to be mindful and observant of our energies so we can act correctly and not as a reaction to some interference or whatever comes our way. Learning the ways of full awareness in the now and from that all the time choose the energy that will rebuild and elevate our state of consciousness.

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