The Purpose of the Progression Work

Our universe is just one out of many where the dyad (aka soul in development) can explore its existence, transform energy and develop consciousness. Turning potential consciousness into advanced and completed awareness by the use of energy systems and matter forms. Much can be read and understood about this in my book Modern History as well as the Souls of Humanity.

Completing the evolutionary cycles in the various realities and then completing them here, develops our dyad into a full capacity consciousness integrated into a human form, a so-called full human:

To say it in short sentences what a full human is:

- A human from our solar system that has completed all the evolutionary cycles here (some completed in the first run through).
- A human from an adjacent system having taken some of the cycles there and come here to complete the rest of the cycles with what our solar system offers.
- A humanoid from a parallel universe having completed most cycles there and come here to become a complete human, since the humanoids carry a different type of genetics which can be altered into human here.
- A human from any system that has mastered the 12 rays of our system, and completed all timelines in one or many cycles.

Thus, a full human is in essence a master of energy and consciousness, having taken different "degrees" using the 12 rays, the timelines and the developmental programs in our system to complete his or her progression journey to be able to transfer by will and choice to other universes or, to higher density parallel reality fields beyond the manifestation planes of existence going into pure consciousness and energy realities (these are not the plasma or light body realities, since they per definition are higher forms of manifestation or organic matter forms).

The Progression Work
With the understanding of what a full human is the next step is to begin the progression work to get ourselves back into that state of awareness. The progression work is to do our inner and outer energy system building and clearing work, so we can complete the cycles of evolution here or other places, and in that master all forms of energy and consciousness that is possible to play out in manifest forms, in manifest universes and manifest reality fields.

Consequently, the progression work is unfolded horizontally and vertically to master energy and consciousness, aka develop the dyad in the matter forms we have.

The Horizontal Mastery of Energy
Realities and worlds are engineered for the purpose of unfolding our energetic potentials into mastery of the energies of the realities, we take part of by the use of the consciousness units in our dyad, and by that implement the outcome of energy and consciousness into a full awareness capacity integrated into human form to master the outer reality as well.

E.g. money and the ability to expand the energy of money is one form of mastery - no matter what the money system originally was intended for as part of the reversal to exploit humans. The money system is here now, and the mastery for us is to detect the symbols, magic and bindings, which tie us to "work with our heads and backs bent" and give birth "in pain" as it is stated in Genesis. Naturally, that is the curse in its essence. The mastery of money is to break that spell by re-developing our sovereignty to once again administer the energy current of abundance our reality is built upon as well as regaining our natural riches (energy administration) and wealth (matter manifestation). 

Mastery of energy on the horizontal plane is also to master our progression work as part of a family, a team, a collective and a world. It is the ability to administer our energy in our every day setting, and use that to develop higher awareness of how energy works in our reality. Developing what I call the double awareness. Watch the video, where I talk about double awareness.

As we learn to see and administer the energetic side of our reality, we develop a higher form of understanding of what we are and what reality is. 

1) We learn to administer energy to become time abundant as well as efficient in our energy work as well as our every day work and tasks.

2) We learn to administer the energy currents to expand the value of money by administering our own energy system correctly, generating riches in energy and surplus there, which then is reflected into our money situation. We then get what we need, when we need it as explained in the article above.

3) We learn to take responsibility for our creational work and make it into a self-sustaining business, where we set the principles of what business is, and how that can transform our world. Read about the Higher Awareness Business Model.

4) We learn to be around other humans in an energetic assertive and communicative way, where we are aware of all energetic exchange and the subconscious interference as well as meta-conscious exchange of energy.

5) We develop new skills in how to administer our emotional and mental capacities in our relationships, and group settings; all depending on the incarnational work and unfinished business we have from other lives here. Read this article on How to Get the Higher Awareness.

6) We learn how to communicate with the remaining otherwordly races that live in the dimensions our reality is part of, so that we once again can take back our jurisdiction or the full human sector, and from that begin the rebuilding of what our reality is supposed to be without any interference or dependence on these races. We are all equals in this reality and no one should claim to have the leading position to control and administer for the benefit of selfish needs but as a joint collaboration for the good of the many.

7) And we are then to begin the reconstruction of our reality following the higher awareness approaches in which community building and governance of our social constitutions find their new forms from a standpoint of full understanding of how our world is supposed to work, and then set the goals and do the needed implementations to make that happen.

The Vertical Mastery of Consciousness
As we learn to administer our reality settings in the horizontal awakening work, we grow into a deeper affinity with our full potentials hidden in the dyad that is part of our energy system, albeit somewhat hidden for now due to the distortion layers in the human emotional and mental fields, as well as the inserted template, which in most cases is not working for our progression but the opposite and thus needs to be cleared out. The template was once a functional holographic energy system to bridge between otherworldly racial consciousness genetics and the energy system of a human of our solar system. Today it has become an obstacle for our awakening process. 

Thus, the first step in the vertical mastery is to remove the energy system obstacles in our clearing work and regain control of our solar human energy system, and from there recapture our ability to build, develop and transform our energy system into a higher potential state, where the full dyadic consciousness can be unfolded in its full progressive and evolutionary forms. 

The vertical mastery of the consciousness and all that we are on a higher awareness level, is therefore a process of rebuilding energy work using our higher awareness to do so. The reconstruction of the human energy system means that we enable it to utilize density energy and from that regain our ability to transfer and shift energetic state, when needed, according to shifts in dimensional energy in the surroundings - inner and outer. It is a process of shifting from the current downsized energy system back to the original solar human energy system build up by code sheets. We recreate the original energy system by using our current emotional and mental fields, as well as the field that administer the DNA and molecular energies we are composed of, in our daily clearing work transforming the distorted energies they hold into activated and functional density energies needed to carry the consciousness of our dyad. The activation of the heart and brain fields are the key components to achieve that, and in essence what I teach in my classes and courses.

To sum up: The Integrated Human
The full awakening process means the integration of the dyadic consciousness into our current human form, with all that comes of awareness and understandings. These new levels of inner perception and remembering of all that we have been, and the potential futures this will lead to, are part of the vertical mastery of consciousness. 

The horizontal mastery is about mastery of reality energy and how we administer these in the horizontal world settings, doing the progression and creational work as a natural part of what it means to be human.

The mastery of energy and consciousness it to be used to both develop our energy systems to their original function and state, and to create manifested results in the outer worlds of energy, using that higher awareness and consciousness to build a new form of societal structure, where the main operative is for the good of the many as well as a platform of all forms of higher creational work, including the higher advanced sciences of reality, energy and engineering of realities, to name a few.

Much more will surface as we all regain our inbuilt knowledge of the advanced human societies, we once were part of and from there all the original systems of communal development our solar human race can build to achieve the highest standards, the highest progression rate and the highest purity rate of all forms of energy.